James and Sarahs Stunning Country Wedding

Sunday 5th October 2014 was one of the biggest challenges as a photographer.  Two of my best friends were tying the knot.  You will have seen James a lot on my site as he is a close friend and also runs ‘Jimmy Bean’ which I have photographed frequently as his business grows.  The pressure was higher than normal for me as I a best man as well as the photographer.  I was taking multitasking to a new level!

The day started early with a rather excited bride (Sarah, also a very close friend) was jumping on my bed as if it it was christmas day yelling “I’m getting married today!”  So, with a fresh coffee, the day began with bridal prep, hair and makeup and of course CHAMPAGNE.  I know how long it normally takes one girl to get ready, but when there are several together combined add the word ‘wedding’, it seems like a lifetime!

After Sarah had put her dress on with the finishing touches complete, might I say she looked beautiful, I departed to meet my good friend James.  I was greeted with yet more champagne and a very settled groom.  We added the finishing touches to our outfits together with some truly stunning button holes that James’ mother had created  (Diane you truly did a wonderful job so well done!)   I then shot the last few groom photos before we departed to the church for the main event.

A beautiful ceremony, and a very happy Mr and Mrs Freeman left the church.  We celebrated with a wonderful confetti throw and made our way to ‘The Clock Barn’.  From here we carried on the celebrations of a beautiful day and I’m so proud of not only being the photographer but also to be invited as a guest.

I’ll finish from here and let you see the rest of fun and celebrations in photos!

My beautiful realxed weddings start from as a little as £750 with lots of extras to add on.

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