Jack & Jessica’s Pre Wedding Shoot

A sunny evening in the heart of the gorgeous new forest lyes a lovely wedding venue called the East Close Hotel. Its perfect as it has lovely large private grounds and stunning interior for Jack and Jessica’s special day on Sunday 2nd August 2015. We were Joined by the 2 lovely children who joined in with the photos. Im very much looking forward to Sundays wedding and will be assisted by my awesome buddy and fellow photographer James.

Pre wedding shoots are included in all my packages and it is a great way to get comfortable in-front of the camera before your wedding. We also have a good look round your chosen wedding venue followed by a drink and some brief paperwork.

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Lionel Messi In Barcelona & Matt Hardy Photography

Well what can I say,

This was a big one and as I walked off the plane back in sunny Barcelona and headed to the taxi I began to realize what was going to happen in the short few hours to come. I have been so lucky to have met and worked with many sporting legends but this was a whole new level of wow.

Leo Messi is classed as the best footballer on this planet, a huge social following he is adored by fans all over the world and I had the chance to work and photograph him for a short time as you can imagine he is none stop manic.

4pm on the dot and he entered the room, I was greeted with a smile and handshake and it was soon down to business.

We only had limited time with Leo but had a good chat and a few personal photos with him before he departed.

I was collaborating with Icons Memorabilia on this occasion who also deal with many other sporting icons.

My professional corporate shoots start from as little as £150, and if you have your own business then this is ideal for you.

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Only a small selection of photos that I am allowed to use I am afraid, But still theres a great shot of us and yes Im smiling in a photo!




Luis Suarez – Corporate Shoot

Ok so its not that bad when you get asked to board a plane to Barcelona and work with one of the top footballers out there.

I was chuffed with this as it was my first job abroad and what a way to start by working with none other then Luis Suarez .

I headed up to Heathrow and before I know it 32c and a booming sun greeted me in Barcelona!

It was great seeing Luis again has it had been nearly a year since I last saw him in Liverpool and I’m pleased to say he remembered me after greeting me with a friendly hug and handshake.

It was straight to work as we only had a short time with Luis as I’m sure you can imagine he is a very busy man.

Below are some photos from my trip,

To purchase some of the items he signed then click the link below,


My professional corporate shoots start from as little as £150, and if you have your own business then this is ideal for you.

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Wedding At Morden Hall Matt & Karen Get Married

A lovely sunny day started in wareham forest where I met Matt the groom with a nice pint of local ale in his hand to calm the nerves. Such a beautiful setting in the forest at an old english pub for a lovely outdoor ceremony.

Karen the bride arrived and we got underway with the I do’s.

After the ceremony we headed to a barn that Matt built followed by some photos in the field where Karens horses came to say hello. Its always nice for the new husband and wife to have a little bit of personal time accompanied by some portraits before heading over to meet friends and family at the wedding reception.

A modern village hall decorated beautifully really made for the icing on the cake and it wasn’t long before the first dance and for my time to leave everyone to enjoy the party and evening celebrations.

Below are a small selection of my photos from the day, if you are a friend or family of the bride and groom then you can view all the images here, (please just ask for the password ask the bride or groom? or do they ask you??)

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