Lionel Messi In Barcelona & Matt Hardy Photography

Well what can I say,

This was a big one and as I walked off the plane back in sunny Barcelona and headed to the taxi I began to realize what was going to happen in the short few hours to come. I have been so lucky to have met and worked with many sporting legends but this was a whole new level of wow.

Leo Messi is classed as the best footballer on this planet, a huge social following he is adored by fans all over the world and I had the chance to work and photograph him for a short time as you can imagine he is none stop manic.

4pm on the dot and he entered the room, I was greeted with a smile and handshake and it was soon down to business.

We only had limited time with Leo but had a good chat and a few personal photos with him before he departed.

I was collaborating with Icons Memorabilia on this occasion who also deal with many other sporting icons.

My professional corporate shoots start from as little as £150, and if you have your own business then this is ideal for you.

For more info please Email

Only a small selection of photos that I am allowed to use I am afraid, But still theres a great shot of us and yes Im smiling in a photo!




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