Sopley Mill Wedding – Steve and Carly Get Married

My first ever wedding at the stunning Sopley Mill, near Christchurch.

Today it was the turn of the ever so lovely Steve and Carly. It started off as normal meeting a nervous but excited bunch of ladies who had the fizz already flowing upon my arrival. I stayed with the ladies all morning and sent my good friend and fellow photographer James to meet up with the men. We both had great mornings and new already what a special wedding it would be complimented by a gorgeous day.

I left ahead of Carly to meet Steve and James at the mill who were already and eager to go, I was shortly followed by the gorgeous bride and we got the ceremony underway.

What I love about Sopley Mill is that it is its own, No one else around huge grounds and a stunning backdrop of countryside to fill with gorgeous wedding photos,

The day was perfect and after some laughs in the speeches the band started up and it was party time!

Below are a small selection of my photos from the day, if you are a friend or family of the bride and groom then you can view all the images here, (please just ask for the password ask the bride or groom? or do they ask you??)

Family or friend from this day? click here to see more,

Thinking of getting married and looking for a photographer? If you like my style of my work then  I would love to hear from you!

Drop me an email at –

Massive thanks to at James for being an awesome 2nd photographer!


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