A little More About Me

I always post my most recent work and exciting shoots that I have been on, so I thought I would share something about me

I’m always up for a challenge and after returning home from climbing Mont Blanc 44810 meters  (Europe’s highest mountain) my mum asked me ‘so whats next?’ to my reply ‘well I do fancy skydiving now’

So Christmas 2014 in the Hardy household what do I get? a tandem jump voucher in Salisbury from all the family. I was beyond excited to do this but I thought I would book this after a successful and busy wedding season.

Saturday 3rd October and it’s go time! Car and family packed and we were heading north. We arrived 2 hours later in slight foggy Wiltshire but by the time I was briefed and had completed my training it was beautiful blue skies!

Matt Hardy 0077

JUMP TIME, my name was called and this was it! My brilliant instructor Dave guided me over to our plane and we boarded. It would take about 15 minutes to get up to our jump altitude of 12,000ft. So dave was told me about his previous jumps and past times. What an incredible amount he has achieved and I was pleased to be jumping with him.

Matt Hardy 0055

A flashing green light indicated we were at the jump altitude. This is it! Honestly I couldn’t have been anymore ready for it! We made our way to the door and Trevor (my cameraman) was already waiting outside hanging on for us. 3, 2, 1 GO! Freefall well thats just incredible. We reached 126mph. 41 seconds later we opened our chute for the most incredible descent soaring through the high clouds to be greeted by a stunning Wiltshire landscape. It took less then 5 minutes to glide down.

Matt Hardy 0149

The landing was perfect and for once I had the biggest smile on my face!

I rushed to greet and thank my family before we headed to the pub for lunch.

Here are some photos from my experience and also a short video provided by the team at Netheravon skydive

If you fancy having a go at it then I would highly recommend Netheravon skydive Book Skydive Here


Matt Hardy 0157


Mark Swales 50th Birthday Party

Marks 50th birthday party photos,

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Italian Villa, Compton Acres, Chris And Katie Pre Wedding Shoot

Yesterday I met up with Chris and Katie who are set to get married at the gorgeous Italian villa in early 2016.

This was my first time at this location and I was blown away by the gorgeous grounds!

Honestly? Yes. I am excited to shoot my first wedding here and I know Chris and Katie very well. It is going to be a truly awesome wedding.

We explored the villa and beautiful gardens, making the most of the pre wedding shoot photos before setting off to where Chris popped the question at the local beach near their home.

Pre wedding shoots are included in all my packages and it is a great way to get comfortable in-front of the camera before your wedding. It also provides an opportunity to have a good look around your chosen wedding venue followed by a drink and some brief paperwork.

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The Edge Restaurant Food Shoot

On Wednesday 8th of October I was invited down to the Edge restaurant to photograph some of their newest creations.

Being a former chef my self I was looking forward to this shoot a lot!

We started with a few formal portraits of the team and then the food arrived and I got snapping. Before you all ask YES it was as good as it looks because I was allowed to taste/eat everything 🙂

This is by far one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Don’t get me wrong I love getting on planes and all the other commissions I do, but when people bring me good food to photograph then taste well im in heaven.

Below are a selection of images from the shoot for you to see and dribble over 😉

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