Supermoon Rise In Bournemouth 2016

So last night I witnessed one of the most spectacular moon rises in my photographic career to date,

I ventured out to a spot in Bournemouth using a phone app to align and find the best position. I met up with my good friend at Kevin who is a dedicated moon and astro photographer, he was leading a small class of photographers and giving them tuition on how to get the best possible super moon image.

So we waited, all set and ready to go I was not going to miss this fantastic opportunity and went for a 2 camera set up.

To my luck as it rose as a fisherman came into shot and made for the perfect foreground. I knew as soon as I pressed the shutter I was on to a winning shot. I was filled with excitement and couldnt wait to see this image on the big screen.

It was done, the moon ventured into the clouds and I packed up and headed home. I couldn’t wait to edit and upload this for the world to see.


Pleased to say this image went viral and was shared all over the world. my social media platforms went crazy and I was pleased to see all the positive comments and feedback.

It was also share on THE LAD BIBLE which has over 17 million fans of the page… yeh chuffed with that!

Here is another image showing Bournemouth Pier as the moon rose.



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